Chakra Healing and Balancing
Revealing The Seven Chakras

"Chakra" is a Sanskrit term and refers to an energy vortex of varied speeds and color which works at various levels throughout the body. Chakra balancing which assumes great importance in view of promoting an individual’s physical and mental health can be done only by healing the chakras. Yogis use actual spiritual powers to increase the blood flow to the chakras even without touching them thereby activating the entire nervous system. The art of Chakra Healing and Balancing has its roots in ancient times when spiritual Gurus used to open the Brow Chakra of their disciples which is called as ShaktipatYog.

Knowing the seven chakras is essential for any spiritual healing to take place.

Seven Types of Chakras with Define Colors
Root Chakra
This chakra lies at the spinal base and governs basic instincts of survival, sexuality, and stability of individual. Symbolized by color red and element earth, it gives material success, vitality and security if balanced.
Navel Chakra
Located near the navel, this chakra governs emotional instincts and reproduction. Symbolized by color orange and element water it is essential for harmony and tolerance in relationships of individual.
Solar Plexus Chakra
Located at bottom of rib cage, this chakra governs solar plexus, pancreas, digestive system and nervous system. Symbolized by color yellow and element fire, it gives a more disciplined approach to life.
Heart Chakra
An intersecting point between top and bottom chakras, this is a chakra of encompassing love. It governs the circulatory system; green is its color and air, its element.
Throat Chakra
Located at base of throat, this chakra governs the wellness of any organ connected with throat and promotes blending of elements.
Brow Chakra - Third Eye
Located at your forehead’s center, this 'third eye' determines the extent of individual's clairvoyant ability.
Crown Chakra
Situated on top of the head, this chakra influences individual's capacity to connect with the Supreme force.

Benefits of Course

  • Build an ability to heal yourself and others.
  • Keep away from chemical medicines when you are suffering from illness or diseases.
  • Help to save huge amount of money on Medical or Hospital bills.
  • Daily practice will make you physically, mentally and emotionally a strong and healthy healer.

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