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  • Yogic Healing A Divine Cure

    13/01/2013 , The Speaking Tree - A Times Of India Publication

     At Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre, Yogic healing operates in three simple stages:

    1. Activation of each of the seven chakras and spiritual cleaning of the body  

    2.. Complete elimination of the malady

    3. Healing including regeneration of th

  • Yogic Healing - It is a natural cure for several h

    16/12/2012 , Speaking Tree - A Times of India Publication

    This article explains about the mystic science of Yogic Healing and about the activities of Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre.

  • Yogic Healing - Life Saving Science

    20/10/2013 , The Speaking Tree - A Times Of India Publication

    Yogic Healing refers to the ancient Indian science of healing. Yogis used Ashtaang Yoga, or eight-limbed yoga, to invoke divine energies to heal people suffering from various ailments.

    In Yogic Healing, divine energies work through the body and its chakras, curing the disease at its core. Yogis who have earned divine spiritual powers are sa

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