Rajyog Spiritual Healing & Welfare Trust

Rajyog Spiritual Healing & Welfare Trust

Rajyog Spiritual Healing & Welfare trust was established as a sincere effort to serve the society and to help the mankind in its battle against various ailments which has left human beings world over baffled in spite of all the progress that we have made so far. The mission of our trust is to “SAVE LIVES”.


  • To develop a centre to alleviate people’s pains and sufferings and to serve mankind in the ways we can.
  • Conduct FREE Yogic Healing Workshops for various institutions and for the general public.


  • To create awareness about the ancient Indian science of Yogic healing.
  • To treat and help patients suffering from diseases and disorders and to improve their life.
  • To impart knowledge about Yogic healing to those who are genuinely interested.


Since its inception in August 2013, on behalf of the Trust Master Spiritual Healer and Managing Trustee Mr.Chandrashekhar Patil has been conducting FREE Yogic Healing Workshops to educate people about the science of Yogic healing and to relieve them from agony and infections.

Going a step ahead as a part of our social responsibility we wish to acquire few acres of land and establish a centre where in various incurable diseases can be treated medically along with the science of Yogic Healing. It would be established to help people from all walks of life especially the economically weaker sections of the society who would be treated free of cost.

This centre will have a capacity to take care of approximately 300 patients at any given point of time. Arrangements will be made for their accommodation, food as well as treatment. There will be a team of doctors to take care of ailing people and various medical facilities to support the centre even in the event of an emergency.

Need for Helping Hands:

The path which we have chosen to serve the society in our own small way will remain incomplete without your support. Our vision to build such a centre requires funding on a very large scale. Therefore we require helping hands to support this noble cause. Our Trust is registered u/s 12A(a) and u/s80G(5)(vi) of Income Tax Act, 1961. These certificates acquired by the trust will enable people donating funds to our Trust to avail Income Tax exemption to the extent of 50%.