Corporate Wellness Workshops

Rajyog Spiritual Healing Center conducts Corporate Wellness Workshops with a very unique dimension. Your Staff will feel like never before with a completely new and rejuvenating experience! We shall attune your workforce with divine yogic energies to combat stress and diseases throughout their lives.

Our workshops are specifically designed to focus on universal issue prevailing in organizations and by using yogic science we shall help your people to explore newer creative avenues of personal and professional life management. Every individual will get to discover his inherent resource and employ them to optimum usage.

Benifits Of Our Corporate Wellness Workshops to the Corporate Organizations:

  • Increase Individual productivity and efficiency
  • Better team communication and moral
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Decrease in absenteesim due to stress related disorders
  • Reduces workers compensation loss due to stress related illness or accidents
  • Improved Job Peformance
  • Less Stressful,more efficient workforce
  • Improved employee attitude and overall health
  • Reduction in staff turnover as a result of higher work satisfaction

Benefits of our Corporate Wellness Workshops to the staff :

  • Increased sense of control and improved self-esteem
  • Improved focus and performance as well as ability to relax physiologically
  • Ability to deal with Stress and pressure related disorders effectively
  • Improved sleep resulting in higher energy there by leading to better health and resilience.
  • Increased self-motivation and creativity as well as lesser anxiety
  • Reduced dependency on medicine